You already know what works when it comes to eyewear. That explains why you are looking for Smith eyewear. Smith Optics is an American/Italian company with production plants in Utah, USA. This company has a long history as an innovative powerhouse within the optics industry. Smith Optics is widely known for its military, tactical and outdoor sunglasses and goggles. The company revolutionized the optics industry in 2007 with the introduction of Goggles IO. That was actually the industry’s first snow goggle with interchangeable lenses. At 4Heroes, you can purchase your Smith eyewear at competitive prices.

It is not a random coincidence that servicemen, weekend warriors, hunters and adventurers choose Smith eyewear as part of their gear. Smith eyewear offers a unique and appealing design with maximum protection for your eyes. Smith Optics has achieved a rare blend of sport and lifestyle sunglasses without compromising the safety features that characterize their products.

Consider the Smith Outback Elite. Although it may look like a casual pair of sport sunglasses, it meets the highest safety standards for ballistic eyewear. So, do not let its stylish design fool you. It features a polarized neutral gray base lens that has been fine-tuned with a green hue to amplify outdoor colors. The arms and nose piece have rubber incorporated into the frame to prevent the glasses from sliding. The hinges of the Outback have an auto-lock feature that keeps the arms in place throughout the day. The lenses have been augmented with ChromaPop color enhancement technology, which allows for maximum clarity. As mentioned before, the lenses meet or exceed military specification standards for ballistic impact protection. Therefore, its two key features are clarity and comfort.

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Another pair of glasses developed by Smith Optics is the Smith Frontman Elite. These glasses offer the best ballistic protection on the market. If you are on a shooting range, a battlefield or on a mountain bike trail, you can always rely on having complete eye protection. Besides their impact-resistant frame, the Frontman Elite provides 100% UVA/B/C protection. Moreover, the gray lens tint ensures true color perception.

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