When it comes to military, tactical and combat firearms, many of our customers choose Nemo Arms. Nemo Arms is a firearms maker with headquarters in Idaho, USA. It is in Nampa that its weapons are designed, machined and assembled. The company not only produces firearms, but also suppressors with a sound reduction that goes from 19 to 35dB. At 4Heroes, you can find some selected products from Nemo Arms. You are welcome to view our carefully chosen military program.

4Heroes is a Danish company that offers a wide range of products. Some of the world-renowned brands in our stock include: Adventure Lights, Agilite, AKU, Altama, Core Survival, FirstSpear, Gentex, goTenna, Huron TYR Tactical, Juggernaut Case, Lalo, Lowa, Luth-AR, MATBOCK, Maxim Defence, Mechanix Wear, MissionsPac, Mystery Ranch, Nightforce, Patriot Ordinance Factory, Princeton Tec, Pro-Shot, RAM Mounts, Smith Optics, Spartan Blades, Unity Tactical and Winkler Knives. Since we stock a great number of products from all these brands, you can always find the specific product you are searching.

If you are interested in a rifle from Nemo Arms, you need to provide a weapons permit. We run background checks on our customers to ensure that the weapons and firearms we offer do not fall in the wrong hands. We fully comply with Danish law and EU legislation regarding the acquisition and ownership of firearms. Therefore, you can feel safe, when purchasing from 4Heroes, because we are a reputable and licensed dealer.

Purchase your Nemo Arms rifles at 4Heroes

Some of the rifles in our selection are the OMEN Recon 300 Win Mag, the XO Carbon 6.5 Creedmoor and the XO Steel 16″ .308 Winchester. If you are interested in our OMEN Recon 300 Win Mag, then you might know that this extraordinary rifle follows the lineage of the well-known Watchman. It offers 300 WM performance in a shorter, more maneuverable package. Although the overall projectile velocity is lower, there is no sacrifice when it comes to accuracy. OMEN Recon 300 Win Mag features an 18” 416R Stainless steel barrel and a patented recoil reduction carrier.

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