We fully understand why you are now searching for Kinetixx gloves. Servicemen and working professionals in industrial environments require gloves that can provide complete protection for their hands. Serious injuries that happen at the workplace include cuts, burns, and broken bones. That is a wide spectrum of traumatic hand injuries that could be prevented if the use of Kinetixx glove became more wide-spread among workers and military personnel. These gloves are specifically designed to protect hands against many preventable accidents in industrial facilities, tactical operations and combat. At 4Heroes, you can order our wide selection of Kinetixx gloves to ensure the safety of your staff and soldiers.

Kinetixx gloves feature innovative materials, high-tech fibers and unique leather. These gloves are known for their high performance. This brand has set new standards in reliability and safety when it comes to cut resistance, flame retardancy and moisture protection. The main objective of Kinetixx has been to design and develop gloves you can rely on even in the toughest conditions. A military glove that excels is the X-Beam.

This is a glove that is perfect for tactical operations and searches requiring high degree of tactility and dexterity. It has a high degree of wearing comfort and provides an ergonomically perfect fit for your hand. It is considered a shooting and tactical glove that allows a full range of movement. This is due to its bi-elastic material on the back of the hand. The glove also delivers high tactility and abrasion resistance. As you can see, it is a very versatile glove with touchscreen capability.

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Tactical gloves are perfect for all types of tactical operation teams, special commandos and special units in combat operations. This sort of glove serves both as a protective glove with cut-resistant material and it is suited for light operations with high sensitivity. The X-Thor is a good example of this type of ergonomically perfect glove made of cut and flame-retardant materials. If you usually participate in shooting competitions, then you need shooting gloves that deliver high degree of dexterity.

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