Are you an outdoor enthusiast, an extreme sportsman, a first responder or a serviceman? Then, it is not at all surprising that you are seeking a Juggernaut case. As you probably know, Juggernaut is a small American manufacturing company based in Arizona, USA. A Juggernaut case is the result of over three decades of experience that have given the company great expertise concerning innovative design and rigorous testing. At 4Heroes, we are proud to offer our customers Juggernaut cases that extend the durability and performance of their smart devices.

Juggernaut cases are manufactured so they can withstand the extreme conditions to which the end user will expose them. The company not only considers the primary user, when designing its products, but also all the potential users who could require features that the primary user apparently will not need. In this way, Juggernaut improves the product in question and achieves competitive advantages.

The company produces a wide range of products. Some of them are, of course, impact-resistant cases for Android smart devices and iPhones. Mounts, cables, adapters and holsters are also some of the products that the company manufactures. Belt clip mounts are very useful accessories. Juggernaut designs and manufactures these types of mounts with 9 different mounting holes to accommodate a variety of sheaths and holsters. They fit on standard belts and can be adjusted up to a 2.25″ duty belt. They have a lockable quick release belt clip and you can set them to a vertical or horizontal orientation.

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Since you are a serious user, whose smart phones and devices are constantly exposed to extreme conditions, you need a protective case that can endure hits, drops, scrapes, impacts and the like. Many cases from Juggernaut are mount compatible, offer 2M Drop Protection and can withstand dust as well as immersion. Some of them also have a built-in glass screen protector and cable housing for use with Quick Disconnect cables. You are always welcome to check out our wide range of products.

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