Are you the head of procurement in your company or organization? Do your military, tactical or industrial operations demand reliable communication? Then, it is not at all surprising that you are searching for goTenna Pro. It is no overstatement to label goTenna Pro as the world’s smallest, lightest, and most cost-effective tactical communications system.

As you well know, the success of any operation, regardless of its nature, depends on a stable and reliable communications system. Therefore, you should never take chances with low-performing communications systems. Here at 4Heroes, you can order goTenna Pro devices that can help you to create an ad hoc mobile mesh network off the grid.

As individual operator, you can set up a mobile mesh network that enables you to communicate with other individual operators. Field supervisors can always use the system to backhaul to team leads who have LTE or satellite-enabled devices. As for the command center, it can follow the position of all individual operators in the mesh network. Although these devices are not designed to support voice communications, they do support short-burst data transmissions. These transmissions include updates on personal location information (PLI), map markings and text-based messaging. That is the underlying reason why these devices have so many applications. In industrial settings, you can send out critical communications, share worksite maps and track the location of every employee. The beauty of it is that you do not have to rely on cell, WIFI, or satellite connectivity.

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As stated before, goTenna Pro devices are so flexible that they can be used in many settings. Many of our business and organizational customers order these communication devices due to the demanding nature of their operations, regardless of whether they are military, tactical or industrial. Therefore, if you need mesh networking off the grid, then these devices and systems are by far the best alternative on the market.

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