Altama military boots can be classified as the ultimate military footwear. That applies to all the shoes produced by Altama, regardless of whether they are dessert, jungle, urban, maritime or combat footwear. Altama has been making quality boots for the U.S. Armed Forces since 1969. However, as the robustness and dependability of Altama military boots has been proven time after time, they are now being used outside of military applications. Therefore, it is not surprising that civilians have also taken a liking to Altama military boots due to their superiority. Many of these boots are well-suited for trekking or other outdoor activities.

Altama produces not only boots, but also shoes and trail runners. Altama military boots are designed to adapt to different environments and scenarios. Logically, there is a great difference between desert and jungle boots. Desert boots must allow your feet to breed, while jungle boots should protect your feet from humidity. Therefore, Altama has produced various types of boots that match the conditions under which they have to perform. So, if you are seeking a tough boot proven over decades in various places and climates around the world, you should make sure to check out our big selection of Altama footwear at 4Heroes. Altama is committed to manufacturing shoes and footwear that provide you with maximum comfort and high performance. Some boots are made for situations that require speed and readiness, while others prioritize other parameters like breathability, minimal weight and superior traction.

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We would like to draw your attention to our Altama Maritime Assault Boot. This is a boot that has been made for all types of tactical water operations. With a fin friendly fit, this boot will fit just about any dive fin used by servicemen worldwide. The Ultron PU insole in this boot will not absorb water. Its front drain ports allow for water to drain easily when flexing the boot. Another unique feature is the 1000D Cordura quarter panels that ensure quick drying after a dive.

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